Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring Services

SIXENSE UK & Northern Europe 

SIXENSE provides a wide range of structural, environmental and geotechnical services and geophysical survey techniques to the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

From the initial design of the monitoring scheme, instrument procurement, installation, commissioning and data management through to data assessment, interpretation and report writing SIXENSE is established as the world leaders in this monitoring discipline.

Our environmental division offers the full spectrum of related disciplines from the consultancy, on site and remote monitoring, interpretation through to the management and the mitigation of any environmental issues. Noise, Tunnel, Rail, Bridge, tunnel, track, datum and vibration monitoring are usually pivotal parameters within environmental monitoring assessments and our expertise ensures accurate and reliable environmental measurements.

In order to manage and provide, clear, timely information to our client, SIXENSE use its in-house, industry proven, data management and presentation software, GEOSCOPE. The software is modular based allowing the flexibility to adapt the application as the monitoring regime evolve, this also allows the same software with all its advantages to be incorporated in to the smaller projects. With the option of web based access the system is also easily accessible remotely from any web interface.

The company is not tied into any instruments manufacturer therefore providing the freedom to select the most appropriate instrument for each  purpose such as railway monitoring and giving our clients the best product at the best price. In fact, impartial laboratory testing of available soil,geotechnical instrumentation and structural instrumentation within the market place are key components components of the SIXENSE research and development program.

SIXENSE also offers an extensive range of geophysical survey techniques in addition to the subsequent interpretation and design solutions which are often required along side this discipline.

Uniquely, SIXENSE provide satellite radar interferometry techniques to accurately determine non linear vertical settlements over large areas. This method can greatly reduce the costs of manual survey, providing independent settlement checks and allowing difficult or inaccessible areas to be monitored

Tunnel Monitoring

Infrastructure and Rail monitoring

Shard of Glass, London UK

GEOSCOPE WebGis data management system

Setting up CYCLOPS for Slope Monitoring