Environmental Services

SIXENSE UK & Northern Europe 

SIXENSE provide the full range of environmental services to UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, including noise, vibration, air and dust monitoring. With over 2 decades of experience and 25 environmental specialists our international experience and local knowledge of constraints provide a valuable opportunity to add value in the management of your environmental needs and health issues.

Our environmental services range from assessment and advice, predictive modelling and calculation, manual survey and real time automatic monitoring, performance control, large scale noise mapping to training awareness and bespoke communication.

Within SIXENSE we excel in noise and vibration consultancy and monitoring. The noise and vibration consultancy know how has been developed through a highly acclaimed consultancy which has flourished in this field for over 20 years. Today, our international acoustics division offers a wide range of expertise and disciplines in environmental noise and vibration management.

Always focused to meet our client’s expectations, providing cutting edge services and technologies. SIXENSE also offers a wide range of services and advice in environmental monitoring assessment.

Our aim is to advise Owners, Consultants, Contractors, Designers and Local Authorities, in the management and the mitigation of any environmental issues.

Member of the Institute of Acoustics, our team of experts offer an unrivalled experience encompassing a wide range of disciplines.

Due to SIXENSE’s strong network of partners and involvement in many institutional working groups, the acoustic division is recognised as a key actor within its specialities.

Bond Street Station Upgrade, LONDON - UK

5 noise and vibration monitoring stations with real time access using GEOSCOPE