After nearly 20 years providing state-of-the-art monitoring services, Soldata is becoming SIXENSE.

This is more than a simple rebranding. It represents a significant enhancement of our organisation, our dynamic and of the solutions we are able provide.

SIXENSE brings together 10 companies around Soldata to create three areas of expertise as follows:

The SIXENSE group operates in 20 countries with 600 employees.

The combined SIXENSE offering will be world-class excellence in digital services and solutions specialised in infrastructure, ground engineering and the environment for understanding, analysing, anticipating and optimising our clients’ physical assets.

As a group, SIXENSE will aim to provide integrated support to designers, builders, operators and infrastructure owners to help them to successfully deal with the three challenges they are facing:

  1. Monitoring based risk management
  2. Construction project management
  3. Life cycle asset management

We are available to give you more information on the added value SIXENSE can bring to your organization, and we invite you to visit the new SIXENSE website at:

Best regards,

Christophe Bourlart

SIXENSE General Manager

UK and Northern Europe

A Portfolio of SIXENSE UK Experience

Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring Solutions

Structural and Geotechnical Monitoring Services